The Way of Holistic Healing

'I think, therefore I am'

Our modern world is still being dominated to a large extent by the thoughts of the great French philosopher Descartes (1596-1650) who said, 'I think, therefore I am.' He admittedly included the mind as director, however, this perspective has limited itself more and more to the physical in the course of the centuries. This especially applies to natural sciences. Thus we have reached the point now, where only that which exists for the majority is what they can take in with their sensory organs; for example eyes and ears. Such a biased observation doesn’t do justice to the complexity of mankind, hence staying superficial, just covering the things inside our dimension.

We have begun to destroy ourselves, our society, our environment – and with it planet Earth – looking at things in this kind of materialistic way. The fact that our traditional medicine based on these thoughts can only show minor success with chronic illnesses, shows that we have reached a turning-point, where it is essential to reconsider our views. In addition to that new medications are used which become more and more questionable because of their side-effects.

The healer in us

Therefore reconsideration seems to make sense. We should realise once again that man doesn’t merely exist as a physical body, but consists of the trinity body-mind-soul. Here lies the holism of our being. Healing is taking place on levels outside the physical body. The above quotation, '…therefore I am' on this level is changed into, 'I am – the light of the world.' (John 8/12) 'the bread of life' (6/35) 'the way, the truth and the life' (14/6). This statement combines the healer in us with our healing.

Educational patterns, belief patterns and the following anxieties essentially cause our illnesses. Wherever something is suppressed or we feel touched unpleasantly, there should be healing in the holistic way. From this view it cannot be sufficient to treat a depression with psychotropic drugs (which is in linguistic usage: The patient becomes 'adjusted'.), whereas the cause of the depression lies in a parent’s rejection in early childhood or abuse. Only if the patient is ready to become involved in a journey inside, will there be the probability of help. Comparable to traditional medicine, holistic healing tries to find the causes for physical inability/illness through 'screening' (checking different aspects).


  • House-/apartment-investigation and investigation of sleeping areas to detect artificial disturbing factors. This will show, if in the immediate environment there exist effects of electromagnetic fields, the Global System for Mobile Communications and DECT-telephones, changes in the static magnetic field (spring mattresses), disturbances in the ionisation of the air through carpeting, other harmful chemicals of the air and mould.
  • House-/apartment-investigation and investigation of sleeping areas to detect natural disturbing factors, as there are: Geological faults, veins of water and grids. All of them are giving hints to pathogenic zones.
  • House-/apartment-investigation and investigation of sleeping areas to detect leylines. These are natural power-lines of the organism earth and are to be found at all cult sites. In the case of disturbance, blockages will occur, which have an effect on man.
  • Dream-work. Sigmund Freud described the interpretation of dreams as an ideal way to reach the causes of physical and mental restrictions.
  • Past Life Regression Therapy:
    • In order to recognize acute / chronic symptoms and causes of disease
    • In order to recognize causes derived from old incarnations, which can lead to acute symptoms.
  • Work on the energy-bodies of man (the so-called aura). You can detect iinesses in the energy-bodies, that surround the human body like onion peelings, before physical symptoms will show.
  • Holistic ways of healing include Craniosacral Therapy. By gently touching the patient a therapist can change or release dysfunctions and blockages – also, when of psychic nature.
  • Systems therapy. Family Constellations according to Bert Hellinger.